About Judson Realty LLC

Heritage. Tradition. Excellence.

Judson Realty is a full-service, real estate firm, specializing in the leasing and management of upscale retail properties in New York, particularly along upper Madison and Lexington Avenues. With a long-established reputation for reliability and discretion, Judson Realty provides customized services for a select clientele. The firm possesses a distinguished track record in every aspect of property transactions and management. Areas of expertise include retail leasing, office leasing, property sales, development, maintenance, renovations, property management, insurance and regulatory compliance.

Our History

Judson Realty, LLC, was formed in 1997 as the successor company of Judson Realty, Inc.   

Judson Realty, Inc., which was founded in 1972 by E. William Judson, was based on real estate holdings that originally formed part of the portfolio of Jules Stein, founder of the Music Corporation of America, Inc. (MCA). From these properties, principally located in the vicinity of 57th Street and Madison Avenue in Manhattan, the company developed into a general service real estate firm that handles all aspects of real property management, acquisitions and sales, leasing, appraisals and representation.


E. William Judson

Founder & Chairman

Stuart S. Ellman

Executive Director

Helene Wall Fagan

Executive Director

Maria Giannasca

Vice President, Management

John Ciarico

Director, Management

Stephen H. Judson

Managing Member